What it’s like getting shot

A good photographer is one part anthropologist, one part move director and one part therapist. This is how I shoot people:


We have a conversation.  Over coffee, over wine.  I’ll come to you. The usual blah blah about what you’re using the picture for, but more importantly so I can get to know you, get inside your head a little bit.  Do you really just want a new Facebook profile picture, or make your ex realize what they missed out on? No judgements. I may take some candids to see how move, and how you translate on film. 30-60 minutes.

We agree on staging and styling.  I’ll bring some location and wardrobe ideas to the table and we’ll collaborate on what feels right to you.  If we’re shooting your family, I’ll help you build a palette so you don’t have to wear matching holiday sweaters.  Again, more with the candids. 30-60 minutes.

You ready for your closeup.  I’ll give you a 7 day countdown to photo prep including some diet, exercise, skin care and hair tips.  Lets put it this way, no one wants to get shot the day after Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve.


2 hours before, you get ready.  You are responsible for basic hair and make-up although I’ll do some light touch ups. Professional make-up is available for $300 and hair for $200.  These people are top editorial professionals, but for a less expensive option, you might try Vensette.  They come to your house and do everything for about $200.

1 hour before, we jam. This is when I arrive.  I’ll check hair, make-up and do light touch ups.  We’ll listen to your jam.  We’ll review the shoot and location schedule.  We’ll have coffee and champagne (if you’re over 21).

We shoot for two hours.  I try to squeeze in 2-3 different locations and we’ll play with different accessories, props, light, angles.  The goal is the capture you having fun and letting your guard down.  I’ll show you some of the shots as we go along.  The champaign comes with us.


I can take anywhere from 500 to 1000 shots during a session, most of which are crap.  Luckily, you won’t see those.  I narrow down to a short list of anywhere between 25 to 50 and we discuss which ones you like.  If you want less, I can curate even further.

You pick 10 selects you love and I’ll do minor color correction and retouching.  You get everything on a stick. I can take care of hard copy prints, framing and holiday cards for an additional costs.


  • Photo session for one person $500 USD
  • Photo session for families $800 USD
  • Celebration coverage $750 USD for 4 hours, $1200 USD for 8 hours.  I don’t do weddings.
  • Travel photography $2000 USD per day, not including travel, food and board.












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